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Interesting Inspirations Behind Our Dinnerware Patterns

Interesting Inspirations behind our Dinnerware Patterns

HF Coors’ Master Artist, decided one gorgeous Southwest day, to design a dinnerware set reflecting the inspiration he received from Sedona, Arizona.

All the richness of Oak Creek Canyon’s unique coloring can be found here, from the rich sandstone browns and reds to the bright blues and golds of the turquoise and copper mineral veins that are seen in exposed boulders. The exterior band of each plate symbolizes Arizona’s vast reservoir of copper, while the interior ring is for the world-famous Sleeping Beauty turquoise that is so prized by collectors. The small green and red dots within the interior turquoise band is the artist’s interpretation of seed pods, representing the determined plant life that grows in the harsh Sonoran Desert.

Each and every piece of HF Coors dinnerware has no-lead; is chip-resistant, restaurant grade and extremely durable. You can even cook on it in the BROILER!
Whether you’re planning to use the Sedona set at home or in a bustling restaurant, our plates are built to last a lifetime.