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Circle Platters

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When you need to bring a dish on the fly, it doesn’t have to look like you didn’t have time to plan. Circle platters can help turn your last-minute purchase into a banquet table feature. For example, trade out the plastic carton for a ceramic bowl of salad surrounded by a garland of chips.

Do you want to spice up the next anniversary party you throw for your parents? Circle platters are the perfect dinnerware item to help you meet your goals. A chocolate fondue wrapped in a ribbon of strawberries and other fruits is ideal for celebrating the evening.

No matter the event you’re planning, you will need a circle platter that can not only keep your meal warm but won’t expose your family to dangerous health risks. Some dinnerware brands use lead and cadmium in their clay or glaze. These toxins can cause serious health problems such as rashes, developmental delays in children, and reproductive issues in women. To avoid these and other risks, you need products from a brand that believes in prioritizing your family’s health.

HF Coors’ circle platters are highly chip-resistant, non-porous, and 100% lead and cadmium-free. A favorite among chefs because of its durability, our entire dinnerware collection is microwave, dishwasher, oven, broiler, and freezer safe. We pride ourselves on being a company that is 100% made and operated in the U.S.A.