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First Saturday and Factory Seconds

Greetings, HF Coors Customers:

Pulling off our First Saturday Sale each month took an enormous effort to transform nearly a quarter of our factory-floor into a consumer-safe showroom.  Unfortunately, interrupting production for roughly two days put the entire factory behind schedule, so we had to find a better way to offer access to factory seconds.

Instead of holding a First Saturday sale each month, in early 2022 we began selling factory seconds every day in the retail store and on 9 large carts outside.  Each week, we produce (roughly) one 5' high pallet of seconds, which are then put out on the carts.  So in addition to now being able to purchase seconds every day, the options are constantly changing!


What are the times that we can shop the carts?
The hours for seconds are the same as the Factory Store, Monday through Saturday, 9am – 5pm.

Are the carts going to be outside the store, as they have been since COVID?
Yes. The carts full of seconds will be outside and in front of the store.

Are the carts always going to be as full as during 1st Saturday?
We make every effort to restock the carts during the week so they are kept full. While displayed quantities of each item may not be as great as they were during First Saturday sales, there will be lots of items to choose from.

Will the carts be loaded as during 1st Saturday, or will the more on-going, steady nature enable you to load carts by pattern or by shape?
Carts are typically loaded by shape and/or pattern depending upon quantities, with some carts dedicated to restaurant ware, mugs, or handpainted ware.  This makes restocking more manageable for our retail staff.

How many carts are there?

There are 9 carts out front plus a rack of shelves inside the retail store.

How often do you restock the carts and when?
Our goal is to keep the carts stocked as pallets of seconds are produced.  Depending upon staffing and how busy the store is, we will also restock as needed throughout the day.
Will there be more cart-type products (seconds, overruns, obsolete, etc.) inside the store itself?
We have a small shelf in the store that will also have some seconds, but nearly all the seconds will be kept outside on the carts.

Will there be Mystery boxes, and if so, when? YES!  We have Mystery Boxes available in the store all the time.

What will you do if it rains?
The carts will remain outside, rain or shine.  There are zipdown covers to protect them from the elements.
Will there be paper for cushioning provided? There is paper available out front for you to wrap your seconds purchases.
Where do I pay, and can I still use cash or a credit card? After selecting your ware, please bring your items into the store to pay. If you are purchasing a large number of items, our retail staff can assist you as needed with processing your purchase. The table outside the store can be used to gather your ware. We accept all major credit cards.
Will this be permanent?
Yes. Due to the high volume of restaurant and consumer orders we receive on a daily basis, we do not plan to resume First Saturday sales as the production loss from setup and teardown on the Thursday and Friday prior to the sale, and on the Monday following the sale was too great.

Will you change your policy on shipping factory second purchases so that I can ship what I buy along with any firsts I buy?
Unlike our firsts, we do not warranty or accept returns on factory seconds. Even with all the padding we use during packaging, occasionally items do break in transit, and since we cannot guarantee a replacement second on an item, we do not ship them, even when purchased with firsts. If you would like to ship a factory second, there is a US Post Office directly across the street from our factory.
Can I order factory seconds by phone or from your website?
We are looking at possible options to sell seconds on the internet and by phone, but with a constantly changing inventory of seconds, at this time we only sell them through in-person sales.
Will you be resuming factory tours?
Yes!  We resumed factory tours in Oct. 2022.  Please click here to learn more about tours and how to reserve a spot. 
Are you running special promotions or "deals" related to this new method of operating?
The deep pricing discounts on our seconds are already amazing deals. If we do have special pricing or promotions in the future, we will make an announcement via email and social media.