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Videos About HF Coors

See HF Coors Featured on the Science Channel's "How it's Made."

It takes a lot of hands to make our Handmade dinnerware.  In fact, on average, each piece has about 21 "handling steps" during the production process!  Watch up "close and personal" as our artisans handcraft dinnerware in our Tucson, AZ factory!

Please note that in the "How It's Made" video, at the 1:20 mark, the voiceover mentions Alumina (Al2O3), NOT Aluminum (Al) as one of the ingredients.  Alumina, also known as Aluminum Oxide, is a naturally occurring mineral that is an essential ingredient in ALL clays.  It is not the same as the metal Aluminum.

Also, at the 3:48 mark, the voiceover describes the material we use to attach mug handles as a "clay and glue mixture."  This is also not accurate.  The handles are attached using stick slip, which is simply just a stickier clay made from the same ingredients as our other clays. No chemical glues are used at any time during any of our production processes. 


You Spin Me Right Round...

Check out this music video showing how we keep the plates spinning around here.


HF Coors Featured on Fox and Friends!

In Nov. 2021, HF Coors was invited to appear in studio on Fox and Friends in a segment on American Manufacturing!  

HF Coors Featured on CNBC

Made in the USA Dinnerware. HF Coors is the most remarkable ceramics company left in America. Under one factory roof, in Tucson Arizona, HF Coors mixes its own clay and glazes, has a 200 foot long tunnel kiln and can produce up to 15,000 pieces in a 24 hour period. We take the same pride and care in producing a 16-piece set for a family. Many patterns are hand painted. ALL pieces are lead-free, EXTREMELY durable, and can be used in the oven, microwave, and freezer.

HF Coors Movin & Makin Dinnerware

See how it’s made! HF Coors is 100% made in America. Check out how dinnerware is made at our factory!