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Watch How HF Coors Makes Dinnerware

Watch as our artisans hand craft our dinnerware up close and personal! Watch as they make molds, press clay, and hand paint all of our lead-free dinnerware.

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Made in the USA Dinnerware. HF Coors is the most remarkable ceramics company left in America. Under one factory roof, in Tucson Arizona, HF Coors mixes its own clay and glazes, has a 200 foot long tunnel kiln and can produce up to 15,000 pieces in a 24 hour period. We take the same pride and care in producing a 16-piece set for a family. Many patterns are hand painted. ALL pieces are lead-free, EXTREMELY durable, and can be used in the oven, microwave, and freezer.

HF Coors Movin & Makin Dinnerware

See how it’s made! HF Coors is 100% made in America. Check out how dinnerware is made at our factory!