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What Makes HF Coors Different?

To Our Loyal Followers and Those Considering HF Coors Dinnerware:

Recently, several Facebook followers commented how HF Coors’ prices are higher than other dinnerware found online and in retail stores.  To those who replied on our behalf, we thank you for your support!  If you are new to HF Coors or on the fence whether to buy our dinnerware, I hope you will take a brief timeout to learn what makes us different, and why some pieces and patterns cost more than the competition.

1. All our Products are Made in the USA from American-Sourced Materials. At HF Coors, we mix our clay and glazes from scratch, using American-sourced raw materials. Our clay ingredients originate in the Southeast (Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina), while our glazes are formulated from as many as 13 domestically sourced ingredients.  Therefore, we can tightly control what goes in, and on, each of the 350,000+ dinnerware pieces and 400,000+ mugs that we proudly manufacture each year here in Tucson, Arizona.

2. Everything is Handcrafted and Hand Decorated. As consumers, we often take for granted what it takes to manufacture the products we buy, particularly when those products are readily available (or can be delivered in a couple of days) from big box stores or online. When it comes to dinnerware, that usually means it’s mass-produced, imported, and likely of inferior quality.

At HF Coors, we really DO manufacture our products by hand!  Clay and glaze ingredients are mixed on site rather than purchased premade.  Extruded clay is hand-cut into measured pugs.  The clay pugs are manually put into press molds, or for cast pieces, a more-liquid clay body is poured into the molds.  Once dried, pieces are sponged by hand and then hand-sprayed with glaze for uniform coverage.  Our backstamp is then proudly applied beneath the piece before dinnerware is loaded and fired in our 200’ long tunnel-kiln. 

After firing, each piece is quality-inspected by hand, and pieces requiring further decorating are individually decaled or hand-decorated by highly skilled artists before being refired in the kiln.  In fact, on average, each piece has approximately 21 different “handling steps” during the production process!  Yes, in an age of mass-production, HF Coors’ employees proudly take the time to individually make, finish, decorate, and inspect each piece, resulting in a unique artisan/craftsman style of dinnerware that reflects the quality and workmanship you expect from American Manufacturing. 

3. Our Products Feature Unparalleled Restaurant-Grade Durability. Without getting too technical, HF Coors’ clay is pressed in custom-designed and manufactured molds and fired at more than 2300 deg. F (Cone 10 for the Ceramicists out there), resulting in extremely dense and durable vitrified ceramicware that is highly impact resistant, and microwave, broiler, oven, and dishwasher safe. Restaurants throughout the United States and Canada rely on HF Coors’ legendary durability to minimize their replacement costs, and our consumer ware is made from the exact same clay, glazes, molds, and production techniques as our commercial products.

4. It’s all Lead-Free. Unlike mass-produced dinnerware from overseas where lead and cadmium standards may differ from US regulations, all our ware has repeatedly been certified by 3rd party laboratories to be lead free while meeting California Prop 65 and FDA standards. Additionally, nearly all our pieces are free of cadmium.  You can read about this in greater detail here.

5. We are a Family-Owned Company. As a Veteran-owned small business founded on dedication, hard work, and a commitment to producing quality dinnerware, we will never forget the effort it took to grow to where we are today by making durable and safe products backed by exceptional customer service. We have been manufacturing mugs and dinnerware here in Tucson since the early 1990’s, and now produce nearly 800,000 pieces each year for consumers as well as for restaurants and commercial clients throughout the US and Canada.  Please feel free to reach out with questions, either through social media, emailing us at info@hfcoors.com, or by calling us at 520-903-1010.

We also welcome your comments and questions and look forward to filling your orders at www.HFCOORS.com.  To see how our products are made, please see the videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages, or visit www.hfcoors.com/videos.

We know you have many choices when selecting dinnerware, much of it priced differently from ours.  Hopefully this snapshot of what we do, how we do it, and what makes us different – and better – will convince you to select HF Coors’ American Made, Handcrafted dinnerware! 

On behalf of our 50 employees, thank you for inviting HF Coors to your dinner table!


Greg Goodman

Chief Operating Officer