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We LOVE Southwestern Dinnerware...Inspiration for "Serape"

We LOVE Southwestern Dinnerware...Inspiration for "Serape"

The colorful Mexican serape, or "blanket," is the inspiration behind this Southwestern dinnerware pattern. The traditional Mexican serape is often full of bright, contrasting colors, and to this day is used by the descendants of the early pioneers who brought the concept northward. The vibrant hues on each plate harken to the rich, cultural heritage of the American Southwest. While a traditional serape is brighter, with a greater diversification of color, the HF Coors Serape set is more earthy to account for the deeper, more subdued colors of the Southwest. The Serape 16-piece dinnerware set is filled with colors that define the Sonoran region, such as the rich turquoise blues, mesquite tree greens, and golden yellows. The plates are chip-resistant and built to last as long as the traditional serape design itself. For a dinnerware set that will transport your guests to a land of sunshine, tradition, color and wonder, you cannot go wrong with the Serape dinnerware set from HF Coors.

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