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What's This One For? What Each Piece of Cutlery Means & Is Used For

Companies make a variety of dinnerware sets with dinner plates, dessert plates, salad bowls, cereal bowls, and cups. Sets often come with three, four, 12, and 16 pieces. Excellent products do not chip easily, can be put in the microwave or oven, and are made of ceramics. A 12 piece dinnerware set and a 16 piece dinnerware set have dinner plates, dessert plates, cereal bowls, and mugs. They are dishwasher safe and come in a variety of patterns and colors.

What Do the 12 Piece Dinnerware Set and the 16 Piece Set Have?

All dinner sets come with dinner plates. A dinner plate is used for the main meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in formal and informal dining settings. A dinner plate is usually round and 11 or 12 inches across. Most sets have a dessert plate that is about seven inches across. It is a diverse plate that can be used for sandwiches, appetizers, salads, and desserts. Most dinner sets have a small or large cereal bowl that can be used for hot or cold cereal, soup, or even salad. These sets are versatile, and the dishes and bowls can be used for different purposes depending on the type of meal served.

A 16 piece set comes with mugs instead of cups with saucers. The mugs match the pattern of the dinnerware set, and you can serve coffee, tea, other hot beverages, and alcoholic beverages. These sets are ideal for restaurants or family meals and are manufactured in the United States. Dinnerware sets come with three or four pieces per place setting.

Additional Pieces Sold for Dinnerware Sets

Companies also sell additional pieces to go with their dinnerware sets. Large pasta bowls to serve pasta to guests or for a party and large salad bowls that can be used to serve salad for dinner or buffets can be included. Most dinnerware sets have matching pasta bowls and salad bowls sold separately. Both large bowls can be used as serving bowls for other types of foods. They can be used to serve vegetables, potatoes, fruit, stuffing, rice, stews, and other items. The 12 piece dinnerware set and the 16 piece set are suited for families of four. Customers can order additional place settings for dinnerware sets as well.

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